BOATING / Reopening of the Fort Louis marina


The Fort Louis marina, damaged to 75%, will restart. "The reopening to the public is scheduled for November 15," announces the Deputy Director of Samagest. 

"Our objective is that it will operate again very quickly at 65% for the season, especially since there is a great demand," adds Marie-Paule Bélenus-Romana, managing director of Semsamar, of which Samagest is a subsidiary. . "Even if we have a reduced capacity, it is important to reopen," said Lisa Barrot, who could see that in the United States was circulating false information.

"We talked a lot about us in September but now in the United States, we only talk about Puerto Rico which was badly damaged and suddenly we tend to believe that all the islands are in the same state. We absolutely have to communicate to show that we are operational, ”she says.





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