APPOINTMENT: Arnaud Bourdier, new president at the helm of the SNSM of Saint-Martin


Arnaud Bourdier is the new president of the Saint-Martin SNSM station. While keeping to the course set by his predecessor, René-Jean Duret, his project is dynamic.

In Saint-Martin, the men in orange enjoy the respect and admiration of all. Everyone, sailor or not, knows that volunteers are ready to risk their lives at sea to save those of others.

Last Saturday, in front of a large audience, the investiture ceremony of the new president of the SNSM of Saint-Martin took place. In his speech, Arnaud Bourdier wanted to thank and salute all the work done by his predecessor for eight years at the station. “The mission entrusted to me since May 15 is to succeed René-Jean Duret as President of the Saint-Martin SNSM station. And first of all, I would like to congratulate and thank René-Jean for all the work accomplished during these 8 years in this position”, underlines Arnaud Bourdier, before adding “He did a wonderful job, from the moment he arrived. He allowed the acquisition of the Rescue Star. He maintained a serenity and cohesion within the station. Recently, he started the financing file for our new semi-rigid. He has always worked in a good mood, kindness and humor. René-Jean is absent today for health reasons and we wish him a speedy recovery. René-Jean and Geneviève we think very much of you! »

The new president of the SNSM also wanted to pay tribute to Jean-Pierre Papeix and Jean-Claude Van Rymenant who “launched themselves the crazy challenge of creating the Saint-Martin station 23 years ago. A successful challenge! Today, 55 volunteers, 21 of whom are operational with two nautical resources, are committed and participate in securing the waters of Saint-Martin and well beyond. My primary objective will be to continue the work already started by my predecessor by finalizing the acquisition of a new semi-rigid which is now at the end of its life. It is necessary to change this boat”, recalled Arnaud Bourdier.

For his part, the Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton welcomed the commitment of all these volunteers ready to intervene day and night to save lives at sea. "Good winds and good seas at the SNSM station of Saint Martin. You are doing a remarkable job! “, he confided to all the volunteer members present during this investiture ceremony which ended with a glass of friendship. _AF

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