New college certificate: up to 88,5% success rate in Saint-Martin


The results of the 2017 national patent diploma (DNB) have been posted since Wednesday 12 July in front of the relevant public establishments in Saint Martin: Mont des Accords, Quartier d'Orléans and Soualiga. In total, 377 of the 495 candidates in the general series were admitted, representing an average success rate of 76,16%. It is the Mont des Accords college which obtains the most spectacular score with 88,5% of success (200 admitted out of 226 presented), against 68,8% for Soualiga (106 admitted out of 154 presented) and 62% for Quartier d 'Orléans (71 admitted out of 115 presented). The professional series totals 65 admitted out of 88 candidates, an average success rate of 73,86%. Here again, the Mont des Accords college obtains the best score with 84% success (42 admitted out of 50 presented), ahead of Quartier d'Orléans (12 admitted out of 17 presented, i.e. 71%) and Soualiga (11 admitted out of 21 presented, or 52,36%). More details on

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