New EHPAD Bethany Home: “A beautiful unifying project”



Ramona Connor, the vice-president in charge of the solidarity and families pole, yesterday officially launched Blue Week 2015 at Bethany Home, in Galisbay, on the theme "Health is in the air". This establishment will gradually be transformed into a medico-social pole to offer better services.   

After a brief history of Blue Week, born in 1951, Jean-Marie Marchais, director of Bethany Home, recalled that "old age is not necessarily a shipwreck". "Many elderly people are involved in community life" and "they are involved in the social life of their territory", he mentioned, in the presence in particular of the deputy Daniel Gibbs, of the regional delegate of the ARS Pascal Godefroy and the director of the Roland Toussaint hospital. The reconstruction of Bethany Home, which is no longer adapted to needs, is one of Mr. Marchais' priorities. The nursing homes give way to a medical-social center which will include 60 beds, a specific unit Alzheimer's, a medico-educational institute for 40 seats (6 to 18 years) and a facility for people with disabilities to enable them rehabilitation through labor . The overall cost of this project is estimated at 26 million euros. This pole could see the light of day by the end of 2018, estimated Mr. Marchais, and thus create many jobs. “Our political program devotes an important part to investments in the direction of the seniors like the medico-social pole, indicated the vice-president. We have laid the foundations through an innovative project which commits Saint-Martin to modernizing reception structures. The spaces will be designed for the autonomy and well-being of residents, while facilitating the care of caregivers. A joint consultation body - bringing together representatives, the elderly and people with disabilities - will soon be created, announced the vice-president. In addition, health courses, accessible to all, will soon be set up in the region. Blue Week will take place until next Sunday.


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