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It was on the last Saturday of July that a dozen lifeguards in training and operational within the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer de Saint-Martin (SNSM) met for specific training based on life rafts. .

On board the two nautical resources of the station, the rescuers headed for Anse Marcel, the place chosen to participate in technical and practical training on the operation and use of life rafts, white and cylindrical containers observable on ships. . The second-in-command of the SNSM, who specializes in this equipment, naturally shared her technical and practical knowledge in the field.

Initially, the trainees therefore attended a detailed presentation of the different models of rafts, their equipment as well as their principles of operation and use. Secondly, an “outdated” raft was rammed and deployed so that the rescuers could practice with it. Many swimming approach exercises, hoisting on board, use of signaling means and finally reversals were carried out. Finally, once the rescuers of the SNSM familiarized themselves with this device, a life-size test of what the survival of 10 people on board such a raft could be was carried out. The test allowed everyone to realize what could be, if necessary, the harsh conditions of "living" on board such rafts. Finally, after having folded and reassembled the raft on board the SNSM ship, the volunteers returned to the station for the end of the training. The SNSM again thanks the trainers for this sharing of knowledge and the participants for their time and their motivation in order to be always ready to help others. If you too want to join the SNSM and give your time and energy to save lives, do not hesitate to attend one of the weekly meetings on Thursday evenings from 19 p.m. to 20 p.m. _VX

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