PINK OCTOBER: Morning of well-being at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center


It was within the framework of Pink October that the first edition of the well-being morning, led by Rachel Begarin, was organized at the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital for patients from the oncology department on Tuesday, October 11.

The slogan accompanying the action could not be more powerful: “There is no fear in love. On the contrary, perfect love dispels fear. " After two years of reduced campaign due to the health crisis, Marie Laruelle, head of the oncology department at the Center Hospitalier Louis-Constant Fleming, is delighted to have been able to put together a global action: "Pink October is dear to me and I'm really happy that we managed to bring together the hospital team, self-employed nurses from the island and local or Guadeloupean associations to propose a more important action this year, with two main axes: raising awareness of prevention and screening with an information stand set up all day in front of the hospital with representatives of Amazones Guadeloupe, which will allow women to have all the documentation on mammography, what a breast biopsy is or cancer and some advice on self-examination which remains an easy and effective means of screening that you can do yourself at home. The second line of action on Tuesday was to improve the well-being of breast cancer patients. The medical care offer on the island is now more complete with the chemotherapy unit and access to multidisciplinary consultation meetings for the healthcare teams, which leads to specialized care adapted on a case-by-case basis. for each patient. But alongside the treatment strictly speaking, there is also support care that promotes the quality of life, to which Saint-Martin patients do not have as easy access as in mainland France: socio-aesthetic care, adapted physical activity or even cooking workshops to learn how to eat well. In this line, this morning of well-being was dedicated to the patients of the day hospital and driven by Rachel Begarin, beautician and liberal nurse. About fifteen patients suffering from breast cancer were able to discover an exhibition of breast prostheses thanks to the Amoena laboratory and fine lingerie because femininity does not stop at the gates of the disease. The wellness morning also offered facials administered by Rachel and Tania as well as a beauty treatment with the Vegan Bodyography Cosmoprof make-up range. The products used during this wellness session come from dermo-cosmetic ranges that are suitable for skin that has undergone cancer treatment. As for the associations, we met Amazone Guadeloupe, an association created in July 2019 which supports Guadeloupe women before, during and after their cancer care journey, represented by Carina Guillaume, the president, and Erika Jacoby, volunteer, who came to lend their expertise. on this beautiful pink morning. Between two treatments, the patients enjoyed a snack while discussing their experience while recalling the importance of talking about the disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in France and is the leading cause of cancer death in women. About 685.000 women died from this disease in 2020. _VX


Pink October is an annual communication campaign aimed at raising women's awareness of breast cancer screening and raising funds for research. The symbol of this event is the pink ribbon, created in 1992 by Evelyn H. Lauder, vice president of Estée Lauder Companies, in collaboration with Self Magazine. The following year, the designer launched the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF – Breast Cancer Research Foundation) in the United States, to support innovation in clinical and genetic research. However, the spotlight on the disease began a few years earlier in England with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, established in 1985. Since then, the campaign has spread internationally. , from October 1 to 31 of each year to fight against the disease through prevention, information and mobilization. In France, it was not until October 1994 that the awareness campaign "Le Cancer du Sein, let's talk about it!" which officially became “Pink Ribbon” in 2020.


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