Operation 20 pounds for Saint-Martin: A great boost of solidarity for Saint-Martin students!


Initiated by the Academy of Guadeloupe and the Canopé network, under the guidance of the education delegate and the director of Canopé, the operation “20 pounds for the children of Saint Martin” has come to an end, specifies the head of the school district, Marlène Borel.

“Thanks to a chain of solidarity which began with the publishers Nathan, Magnard and Hatier, we were able to collect 20 books for Saint-Martin, mainly from holiday notebooks, unbeatable items for primary and secondary school as well as annals of bac and patent and 000 children's books, "explains the headmistress.

Solidarité laïque France took charge of recovering the works at the Orléans depot and transporting them to Orly airport. Air Caraïbes has graciously offered air cargo, five tonnes, between Paris and Pointe-à-Pitre. Airport and forwarding taxes were offered by customs and the Region.

Airport taxes departing from Metropolitan France in the amount of € 8 were paid by the Central Office for School Cooperation (OCCE), a Metropolitan Municipality, Crédit Mutuel teachers and the teachers' union. National Education inspectors

The Federation of Lay Works of Guadeloupe (FOLG) negotiated with Semsamar to obtain transport on barge to Saint-Martin, helped in this by the Collectivity for transportation to the Robert Weinum School District.

"It is an extraordinary chain of solidarity which has drawn on the support of many partners, including a small school in Normandy, the Rondines."

The distribution of the 20 books took place last Thursday at the school complex in the presence of the colleges, lycées and schools of Saint-Martin.


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