Operation "Richter 2017": Successful evacuation exercise at Nina Duverly school!


Yesterday morning began the operation "EU Richter 2017", a huge new exercise, which will simulate an earthquake equivalent to that of 1843. Magnitude 8,8, the earthquake imagined for the scenario, will be followed by a tsunami devastating.   

This is the fictional scenario which served as support for an evacuation exercise from the Nina Duverly school, in Marigot and from the college of Quartier d'Orléans.

The scenario chosen for the exercise was therefore an earthquake followed by a tsunami and it was a question of evacuating the students to gather them in a secure place for their care by relief organizations. .

At the Nina Duverly school, the exercise took place under the responsibility of the director Ms. Prudent, the teachers and in the presence of four territorial police officers responsible for the security of the 300 students evacuated in the direction of Santa Monica, at Concordia. An operation which took place in good conditions.

As a reminder, the Richter exercise aims to improve the means of operational reaction (rescue of people, management of public order…) and assessment of damage, the response of health teams in the face of particularly serious situations affecting the infrastructure of care and rescue, as well as the management of oil pollution. _AF


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