Household waste, ELV, sorting: the new waste management policy of the COM (continuation and end)


What more can we do to make the island appear cleaner? The president of the community and the regional councilor in charge of the environment are asking this question. Without having an answer.

"The Collectivity can only intervene on public roads," recalls Pascale Laborde, who has also managed the renewal of household waste bins. More than 3 bins have been distributed in all neighborhoods.

“These are collective and no longer individual bins. A market is also in force for their cleaning and maintenance, once or twice a month depending on the neighborhoods and needs, she says. And to hammer: "Only household waste is accepted in collective bins." “If, for example, we put metal, scrap metal, this risks damaging the equipment of the trucks during shredding,” explains Daniel Gibbs.

Bulky items must be placed next to them and recyclable waste thrown into the sorting stations. A new contract relating to selective sorting is underway. 200 new terminals must be installed by the end of the year. The emptying of the terminals has resumed, it is carried out twice a month.

In addition, the two elected officials announce that litter bins with a capacity of 50 liters will be installed throughout the territory from next October so that pedestrians and other users can throw their waste in these bins. and no longer on the ground in the streets.

Finally, the community is in the process of creating a new Department of Environment, Water and Energy as part of its administrative reorganization. “The recruitment of the director is underway. It will make it possible to size this public service with a real environmental policy and a reinforced environmental police force because it is now necessary to move up a gear: raising awareness yes but also sanctioning attacks on the environment ”, declares the president of the COM. “On a small tourist island like Saint-Martin, the environment must be at the heart of everyone's concerns. This is the essence of the reorganization work that we are carrying out within the Collectivity. Protecting our common good is everyone's business! Everyone has their role to play, let's not forget, ”he agrees.

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