Inauguration of the “Ecolo'art” exhibition at the media library


The public is invited today to the inauguration of the exhibition “Ecolo'art”, a project led by pupils of cycle 3 of primary school. Their works will be presented from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the media library in Concordia.

This project was set up thanks to the collaboration of Céline Renger, visual arts pedagogical advisor for National Education, Xavier Mirre Minori, pedagogical advisor in charge of EDD (Education Development Sustainable), Cindy Choisy, artist of the HeadMade collective Factory, and several teachers. At the media library, three classes (CM1 of M. Armongon, Nina Duverly, CE2 of Mme Précheur Nina Duverly, and CM1 of Sabas Jessica from Quartier d'Orléans 2) will present their work, produced during the workshops of Cindy Choisy in January and February last, to visitors. “The Ecolo'art project - recycled paper - is to create while eliminating.

Recycling paper saves natural resources, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces energy use. The Ecolo'art project invites students to participate on this scale in this environmental approach while stimulating their creativity through the production of their own paper. Handcrafted and personalized paper which, once it has become a support, will be an integral part of a final work, ”declared the artist, who will take this opportunity to demonstrate paper making in front of students invited by the media library.


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