Change of command at the CIS Saint-Martin: Good luck to Lieutenant, Bernard Maes, welcome to Captain, Cyrille Pallud!


On Saturday, July 18, the change of command took place between Lieutenant Bernard MAES, outgoing center manager of the Saint-Martin CIS and Captain Cyrille PALLUD, arriving. The only downside is the notable absence of the Prefecture, the Collectivity and also of the Territorial Police.

A ceremony which took place under the orders of Colonel Hors-Classe Felix ANTENOR-HABAZAC, Departmental Director of SDIS.

As soon as the handover is carried out, the protocol continues with the handing over, by the DDSIS and the Chairman of the SDIS Board of Directors, Mr. Fabert MICHELY, of their stripes to the new adjutants and sergeants of the rescue center.

Are thus promoted adjutants, Sergeants-chefs Justin GIBBS, Patricio HEWARD, Jean HODGE. Are promoted sergeants, master corporals Alfred HUNT, Jonathan MUNIER, Marshall PROCIDA.

The former Head of the Saint-Martin CIS, Bernard MAES, has been asserting his retirement rights since February 2020. This event was for the DDSIS and the PCASDIS, the opportunity to renew their thanks for the service carried out within of the SDIS and more particularly these 17 years at the CIS Saint-Martin.

The new head of the center, Captain Cyrille PALLUD, is 43 years old. He is originally from Guyana and began his career as a volunteer firefighter in 1996 at the CPI of GOSIER in Guadeloupe. He succeeded in the professional firefighter competition in 2004 in Gironde. In 2008 he rose to the rank of officers. He then took command of the CIS of Petit-Bourg. Mobility led him in 2015 at the head of the CIS of Morne-à-l'Eau.

Since July 1, 2020, he is the new head of the CIS Saint-Martin center.

The President of CASDIS in his speech welcomed Captain Cyrille PALLUD, wishing him the best of success in his new responsibilities.

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