State recovery plan: the measures envisaged for the COM


Following the health crisis, the government has put in place a recovery plan of 100 billion euros, 1,5 billion will be devoted to overseas territories.

“The precise amount will depend on the use in the Overseas Territories of social measures (hiring bonus, partial activity, etc.) and will be supplemented by future work on the identification and effective examination of projects by the prefects and the results of calls for projects on national measures, ”he explains.

The plan has three main priorities: ecological transition, sovereignty and economic competitiveness, and social and territorial cohesion.

In the West Indies, the recovery plan will specifically aim to support the renovation of water networks, and the upgrading of anticyclonic and earthquake-resistant public buildings, it will also support agricultural transformation and the objective of food sovereignty by 2030. It distinguishes its support depending on whether the territories are departments / regions (DROM) or communities (COM).

"For the COM, the emphasis will be on the sovereign action of the State and the support of communities", indicates the government which intends to contribute to economic recovery by renovating public buildings of the State, hospitals “In communities where health jurisdiction lies with the State, in particular in Wallis-and-Futuna, which will be the subject of a major renovation plan as part of the recovery. 45 M € can be mobilized over 2021-2022. "

Finally, the government specifies that "measures to support employment and the economy constitute the powers of the communities".

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