More than forty high school students hailed for their academic perseverance


The morning of Thursday, March 9 will have left fond memories for more than seventy students from Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry de Concordia. As part of the week of perseverance, many of them were congratulated during this event organized, among others, by Cynthia Lainel, acting coordinator of the mission to fight against school dropout in the Northern Islands.

The action, which also included among the organizing team, Ariane Abancourt, Nerolly Nubret (educational assistant), Alexandra Roper (adult relay), Audrey Gravelot (cultural referent of the school) and Lindsey Rousseaux, French teacher, took place took place in the multipurpose room of the Lycée Professionnel in the company of the management and more than seventy students, some forty of whom received a certificate of recognition or academic perseverance for their efforts and motivation. With the desire to encourage the commitment of high school students in the school, to mobilize the pedagogical and educational community around young people and their success, to promote exchanges between all the actors and to promote the actions carried out in the fight against school dropouts, the organizing team invited Miranda Arnell, former English teacher at the Lycée Professionnel and sponsor of the event who did not fail to wink at the many active women in Saint-Martin society emphasizing the importance of feeling like you belong and making the right choices. Several former students shared their experience with a poignant testimony from a 19-year-old young woman and a 21-year-old young man, who benefited from the MOREX system which aims to prepare again for failed tests and thanks to which they dropped out. their bachelor's degree. Other former students, who have become professionals in different sectors of activity and some of whom come from the priority neighborhoods of the City Policy, also expressed their views on the need to be persevering in order to flourish and fulfill themselves. Nice exchange between the two generations. The morning continued with the artistic component: poems whose  the hard-hitting “Never Give Up” and a musical, produced in just one month and featuring ten dancers on the theme of perseverance. The award ceremony then took place in order to reward the high school students who have distinguished themselves through their efforts. With strong words such as assiduity, courage, pursuit, energy, persistence, tenacity, will and obstinacy spread over one of the tables in the room, the students of the Lycée Professionnel left proud, more motivated than ever. Good luck to them! _VX

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