Weather point / Isaac: prepare but don't panic


As Isaac approaches, the prefectural authorities of the French islands and Météo France meet regularly to "assess the threat". At the end of a so-called zonal meeting Monday at the end of the afternoon, the delegated prefect of Saint-Martin, Sylvie Feucher, wished to hold a press conference to take stock. Sylvie Feucher considers that it is necessary and important to "share information" available to the authorities.

"It is our responsibility to inform the public," she agrees. And also to "participate in its preparation". The latter must in fact keep informed and prepare in case.

"If I am criticized for being too careful, I don't care," she admits. "But it is clear that it is always at the last moment that we prepare," she notes. While the preparation must be done - including food and water reserves - from the start of the hurricane season, in June.

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