19th Congress of the Regions of France: Saint-Martin duly represented


Wednesday September 27 and Thursday September 28, 2023,  the 19th Congress of the Regions of France took place at the Palais du Grand Large in Saint-Malo (Brittany) with the thematic question “How to reconcile the development of territories and the preservation of natural resources?” ".

The president of the Saint-Martin Community, Louis Mussington, participated in the event where he met the president of the national CESER Dominique Vienne, and the president of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Saint-Martin (CESC) Ida Zin Ka Ieu, also present as part of the work of the CESERs of France (Assembly of Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Councils). The CESC of Saint-Martin notably participated in the General Assembly of presidents of the CESERs of France. Through these representations at the national level, the Community of Saint-Martin and its bodies actively participate in network work and promote local specificities on the national level while contributing to the influence of Saint-Martin. An opportunity for the Saint-Martin delegation to discuss with all their counterparts on the current and future projects of the regions and territories, but also to meet Carole Delga, president of the Regions of France. The latter submitted a series of proposals to Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne who came to close the event, not without emphasizing the control of the State over local policies during her intervention: “What if you trusted us? What if we formed a real tandem, State-regions, to achieve our common objectives: ecological planning, the sovereignty of our country, industrial, energy, food and health, the reduction of inequalities through knowledge accessible to all and valuable work ? ". In response, the Prime Minister recalled the leading role of the regions of France for territorial planning and launched the territorial COPs (conferences of parties), which will be co-hosted by the regional presidents and prefects. and will enable collective awareness of the steps to be taken to achieve a successful ecological transition. _VX

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