POLICY: School, gendarmerie, merchants, the three highlights of the Prime Minister's visit


The main purpose of his visit was to see that the start of the school year was in good conditions.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe arrived with the Minister of National Education, the Minister for Overseas France, the Minister for Sports, the Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the Secretary to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs,. Sunday at the start of the evening at Grand Case airport so that you can attend this Monday morning November 6 at 8 a.m. the return of students from Clair Saint-Maximim primary school in Quartier d ' Orleans.

That the income is going well was important to him, "it is one of the elements of return to normal," he believes. The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced that seven hundred teachers, or 90% of the teachers from Saint-Martin were present this morning as well as between 90 and 95% of the students.

"We must ensure that life begins again" in the best conditions, conceives the Prime Minister who is aware that "there is nothing normal at the moment in Saint-Martin". He repeated it several times during his trip.

Alongside the Minister of Sports, Laura Flessel, Edouard Philippe went to see the damage caused by Irma at the Quartier d'Orléans stadium which had been renovated and inaugurated on November 11, 2016 during Saint Martin Day celebrations.

On the way, he greeted some local residents as well as the personnel of the Red Cross, of Cyprus, the public health sanitary reserve of France. The latter briefly explained their mission to Saint-Martin. The Prime Minister also greeted the RSMA of Guadeloupe, the firefighters and the soldiers of civil security.

The second moment of the Prime Minister's visit was to the gendarmerie brigade in Quartier d'Orléans where the security system during and after Irma was explained to him. Gendarmes were also invited to introduce themselves and share their feelings. Edouard Philippe met for a few minutes with the prosecutor of Basse-Terre and the two vice-prosecutors of Saint-Martin. He then visited one of the brigade's entirely destroyed official accommodation. Furniture and belongings had not yet been cleaned; there was even water in a half-open drawer.

Then, the ministerial delegation visited mid-morning at Hope Estate. He was joined by the vice-president of the COM in charge of economic development and the territorial advisor in charge of taxation. Edouard Philippe quickly visited a few shops in the shopping center and went a little further in other companies. On his way, he was arrested by a local who told him of his anger at the non-progress of things since Irma, in particular in terms of cleaning, clearing of waste and advances of insurance indemnities.

It is in the Hotel de la Collectivité that the visit ended. Edouard Philippe met behind closed doors with the President of the COM and then, each in turn, made a speech. The Prime Minister briefly greeted the association Saint Martin Martin whose members had come in white.

Edouard Philippe had lunch in Marigot before flying to Saint-Barthélemy.

We will return in detail to each of the Prime Minister's statements and announcements in other papers.

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