Politics: Installation of the new inter-ministerial delegation for equal opportunities for French overseas nationals and visibility


Annick Girardin, Minister of Overseas France, introduced the new interministerial delegate for equal opportunities for French overseas nationals and visibility, Maël Disa, 33, from Guadeloupe.

Appointed to the Council of Ministers on January 15, Maël Disa is accompanied by three experts commissioned to support him in his missions: Catherine Jean-Joseph, Ferdinand Mélin-Soucramanien and Joëlle Monlouis.

Formerly attached to the Prime Minister, this delegation now reports to the Ministry of Overseas. Its missions are now extended to visibility issues. The delegate will be supported by three experts recognized in their respective fields of competence: culture, sport and research.

Catherine Jean-Joseph is in charge of a mission on the establishment of the overseas cultures network as well as the creation of a charter of commitment for the visibility of overseas cultures.

These commitments are listed in the Overseas Blue Book. Joëlle Monlouis is responsible for a mission on the promotion of support systems for high-level overseas athletes by companies. It will also work in partnership with the organizing committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games so that overseas citizens can find their place in their preparation for this major event.

Ferdinand Mélin-Soucramanien is in charge of a mission to create a university chair dedicated specifically to the study of Overseas. At the crossroads of several human sciences (history, sociology, economics, law), the holder of this “Overseas Chair” will be in regular contact with the overseas ministry, overseas communities, parliamentary delegations in the overseas territories. , as well as overseas student associations.

"I am proud of the establishment of this new interministerial delegation, with whom we will work in close collaboration to make visible the success of the French overseas territories, of our talents, our entrepreneurs, our athletes, our artists, our academics", declares Annick Girardin, Minister of Overseas Territories. “This mission is also of fundamental importance for the French overseas living in France, who do not always have the same access or the same rights as others. I have confidence in Maël Disa and his team to carry it out. "


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