POLICY: The MJP denounces the PPRN but also disapproves of the reaction of the majority


If the leader of the MJP, Movement for Justice and prosperity, denounces the revision of the natural risk prevention plan (PPRN) as proposed by the state services, Louis Mussington does not approve the reaction of the president of the COM and its majority.

"The president must stop his masquerade," he said about the establishment of the alternative consultation to which his party was not invited. "However, we also voted against the PPRN in the territorial council," he recalls. The MJP will therefore not take part in the work of Copil and Cotech.

"But what is the point of this Copil? "He wonders. According to him, seizing the administrative court would have been more credible. "There are enough valid arguments to appeal," said Louis Mussington.

“Yes, we need a renovated PPRN but the measures must take into account the status of the COM, our specificities must be taken into account. Today, it deprives us of our autonomy ", considers the leader of the MJP", conceives Louis Mussington. By not being able to (re) build, “families will lose the use of their land,” he underlines. And to ask: "but what are they going to do? "

Finally, he wants "the State to understand that we are no longer a municipality but a COM. We therefore need measures adapted to our territory. He therefore supports the COM's desire to ask for environmental competence.


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