POLITICS: Mélissa Nicolas-Rembotte leaves Team Gibbs


They were seated next to each other but did not look at each other during the plenary session of the Territorial Council on Friday morning. Melissa Nicolas-Rembotte  resigned from Team Gibbs 2022. She announced her choice to Daniel Gibbs, by mail, the day before, National Day. 

She says she no longer finds within the group certain values ​​to which she was attached, such as “the quest for performance for the benefit of the territory, transparency, work in collegiality, respect for democracy”. “Time passes and since March, the group has been waiting for certain subjects to be discussed and decided,” she explains in a press release sent to the media at midday. Mélissa Nicolas-Rembotte cites only one: that linked to the means granted by the COM to a group of elected officials and to the profile of the collaborator or collaborator that Team Gibbs could recruit (as required by law). “These subjects are not trivial and certain past practices have also been able to arouse my vigilance. They deserved to be dealt with quickly after the election (…). My decision has at least the benefit of providing a de facto answer to these questions which relate to the proper use of public money made available to groups of elected officials, ”she adds.

However, the former number 2 of the Team ensures to feed "no animosity towards [his] colleagues". Mélissa Nicolas-Rembotte wants to remain territorial councilor of "the minority".


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