Air pollution: the St Maarten Nature Foundation launches a warning message


The St Maarten Nature foundation (equivalent to the Nature Reserve in the French part) draws attention to air pollution and risks to the population, since the landfill has been burning for more than a month in the Dutch part.

"This has harmful effects on the health of the population," she wrote on her Facebook page. It thus encourages pregnant women and sensitive people to wear a mask to protect themselves. "In view of the financial difficulties of certain people following the passage of Hurricane Irma, we are going to distribute a hundred masks to them so that they can protect themselves from this pollution," she announced. The Nature Foundation also reports that previous air and soil quality measurements at the Philipsburg landfill revealed the presence of particles of nickel, zinc, arsenic, lead, copper, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals. . It alerts about their health risks. "Lead, arsenic and copper can be toxic and it has been proven to be the cause of some cancers," she says. (Source:


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