Pollution: Wild dumps listed in a report


In its recent report on Irma's waste in Saint-Martin, the NGO Robin des Bois dissects the tons of waste dispersed by Irma, and the official, associative and civil initiatives to collect it. It also reports the presence of illegal landfills in a chapter devoted to “Waste outside sectors, health and environmental problems”. 

If the association emphasizes that there are many illegal dumps on the metropolitan territory, it considers that in the Caribbean, the illegal deposit of waste is aggravated by "the precariousness of the means of collection, the scarcity of facilities dedicated to transit, recycling, storage and other regulatory disposal and hurricane fury ”.

The association's investigators, Charlotte Nithart and Manon Lefebvre, also noted that the post Irma calls "reiterated in the local press concerning the crime of abandonment of waste provided for by article L. 541-3 of the Code de l 'the environment and the fines incurred have had no dramatic effect on multicultural and multilingual populations'.

During their field work, carried out for 15 days between the end of May and the beginning of June 2018, they were able to observe that "the projectiles propelled by Irma were sometimes followed by anthropogenic contributions of waste according to the adage" the waste attracts waste ". " That is to say, to waste resulting purely from Irma's action, certain individuals or companies have added their own waste.

They have thus listed and measured, with supporting photos, several of these wild dumps, scattered on the island, whose surface varies from 400m2 to 2300m2.

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