Pollution: A pond in Dawn Beach polluted following an act of incivility


A diesel spill occurred last Friday in a being near Dawn Beach, across from the Westin Sint Maarten Dawn Beach and Spa. After being warned, the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation went to the site and discovered a highly polluted area, which also impacted the fauna that lives in the pond sector.

Members of the Nature Foundation estimated that about 25 liters of diesel and hydraulic oil were floating on the surface of the pond. People said they saw people working on a garbage truck, parked near the body of water, spilling the oil into the pond.

The latter shelters turtles, iguanas, doves, ducks, as well as crabs and various species of fish.

Several birds and ducks were found covered in diesel fuel and volunteers washed the birds. As part of a joint effort with various environmental associations and representatives from the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI), absorbent devices and floating dams have been installed, while a VROMI wastewater recovery truck intervened to recover the water contaminated with hydrocarbons._RM


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