PORTRAIT: Enguerran Theodore is proud to "serve his territory"


When Enguerran Theodore saw the ad, he didn't think long. He immediately sent his cover letter and his CV to the director of the territorial police who was recruiting public highway surveillance agents. Since June 1, this 34-year-old Saint-Martinois has been wearing the ASVP uniform. And he wears it with determination.

The security professions are a vocation. Enguerran started out with the border police (PAF), then became a volunteer firefighter. He discovers another aspect of a security profession, which reinforces his professional aspirations: he wants to be in the field, he wants to be at the service of his territory but also of his population. 

For a little over two months, Enguerran Theodore has been in the field as ASVP. He puts his skills to the test. The three main qualities required are to know how to show humanity, curiosity and to be able to find solutions to solve emerging problems before they cause serious disturbances to public order.  Enguerran is tempted to add the ability to know how to arbitrate. "Often we have to mediate," he agrees. “We have to know how to adapt to all situations and make people trust us,” he stresses.

His involvement earned him distinction in 2018: on July 14, he received the medal of courage and dedication from the President of the Republic in Paris. Enguerran Theodore is proud of his accomplished career. He is all the more so since he is from Sandy Ground. Local residents respect him and young people see him as a model of success. Social, societal and professional.

Enguerran wishes to progress further in the profession and will take the competition to become a territorial policeman next year. 


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