Portrait: Alfred Chittick's magic tricks take on an extraordinary dimension in an unusual setting!


The nickname "magician" was given to Alfred Chittick, following the passage of Hurricane Irma and for good reason ...

Dislodged from Soualiga college which was devastated on September 6, 2017, this maintenance officer employed by the community found himself, overnight, at the college of Quartier d'Orléans to exercise his functions. In charge of general maintenance, he decides like many of his colleagues evolving in schools and EPLE whose prowess has remained in the shadows, to roll up their sleeves to transform a disastrous landscape into a place a little bit welcoming but above all secure.

Quartier d'Orléans is his stronghold and he cannot stand to see college students hanging out in the streets, so he takes initiatives that will prove to be saving for the education of young people: "When I saw the scholl after Irma, it was like a bomb had hit it but I right away thought on the kids because exams were around the corner! ". He who no longer has a home, begins by helping people in his community by joining the volunteers of the “SOS Attitude” association before setting himself the challenge of making several rooms at the Quartier d'Orléans college operational. So sometimes a carpenter, sometimes a plumber, sometimes an electrician, he never stops repairing, measuring, screwing, unscrewing, nailing, adjusting, dismantling, reassembling, sorting, throwing, recovering materials from destruction to be used for reconstruction. He has become a magician! The metamorphoses take place under the astonished eyes of each other and discreetly, he performs several tricks. Windows and doors are created with a blow of a magic hammer, a music room comes out of his cap, an infirmary appears at his fingertips, a room dedicated to ULIS becomes visible again and miracles are linked with a B1, B2, B3, B4, B5… in the end, around 15 classrooms will take possession of a damaged space where the will of man had not yet adhered to the word "End ".

The performance of the magician Alfred Chittick, better known as “Junie”, will end with these words: “Irma taught us a lesson: we are all equal! ". But oops! Here he is already doing an about-face. With a broad smile, he grabs his bottle of water which he had almost forgotten "This is gold!" ". Junie marked and still marks the post Irma by the imprint of a humble, generous, warm and devoted man who did not know how to hide his emotions by discovering the surprise that "SOS Attitude" had given him. In place of the debris of what had once been his home, the man who forgot himself, “My mind was more relax when helping others! », Found a tent set up without his knowledge.

(Thanks to Evelyne Fleming, project manager with IA-DAASEN)


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