PORTRAIT: One of the creators of Yoda chose St Maarten to live (1/1)


Nick Maley is one of the main creators of Yoda, a fictional character who embodies wisdom in the Star Wars saga and appears for the first time in The Empire strikes back in 1980. Special effects makeup artist, this English artist born in 1949 has worked on around XNUMX other films including Superman and Highlander.

From this career Nick Maley, now retired, mainly keeps two things. First a philosophy: you have to pursue your dreams. Then many archives, hence his desire to create a museum.

A sailor, he long sailed in the Caribbean with his wife Gloria, a former actress. The couple stopped over in Antigua for some time before deciding to settle in Sint Maarten in 2007.  To elect their new resort, they first have a linguistic criterion: "we didn't want to have any difficulty in communicating". But above all an economic criterion: "we had to find an island on which the economy was strong enough to operate a 200m museum.2 including outside the tourist season ”.

They hesitate between Puerto Rico, Saint-Thomas and Sint Maarten and end up choosing the latter. “I love culture in Saint-Martin. I like the mixture of populations that we have here. There are Europeans, Americans, Caribbean, Indians, Chinese ... We are all mixed up. And because it's so diverse, people have to try to adapt to each other, ”considers Nick Maley, who admits that he was also won over by the French cuisine. “The Dutch side was commercial enough to create our museum. And the French side is peaceful enough to feel in the Caribbean. So it was a compromise, ”he adds, adding that he lives on the beach on the French side. (to follow in our Monday edition. Source: soualigapost.com)

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