Portrait: Marlene Toma first midwife to graduate from Saint-Martin today celebrates 30 years of service!


Many mothers know Marlene for her skills, her sense of a job well done and her good humor.

Today, she celebrates her 30th career. Low hat!

The time flies ! Marlene now has thirty years of service, including 22 years at the Saint-Martin hospital and 8 years in PMI (Maternal and Child Protection) in the Collectivity.

As a midwife, Marlene accompanied pregnant women before, during and after childbirth. She says she shared unforgettable experiences with her patients. After her high school period in Guadeloupe, she went abroad to Martinique to study the profession of midwife for four years.

With her diploma in hand, she joined her native island to practice her profession.

It is a pleasure and an honor for Marlene Toma as a child of the country to put her skills at the service of the people of Saint-Martin.

Bravo to her and happy birthday!

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