PORTRAIT: Meeting with Commander Cyrille Pallud, head of the center of the Saint-Martin fire station


Having become a professional firefighter after having been a physical education teacher in Guyana, Cyrille Pallud rose through the ranks. He is now commander and center manager of the Saint-Martin fire station. Meeting with a man who describes his job as “exciting and demanding teamwork, requiring a great deal of self-sacrifice”.


Faxinfo:  " Can you introduce yourself " ?

Cyrille Pallud: “I was born in Cayenne (French Guiana), I am 45 years old, I live as a couple and father of a child. After having followed a traditional education until the baccalaureate, I became a volunteer firefighter. I then left Guyana to continue my studies in Guadeloupe. I obtained a master's degree in Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS) while continuing to be a volunteer firefighter. Once I graduated, I returned to Guyana as a sports teacher in a college and high school. I was also in charge of missions at the Regional Council of Guyana. Finally, I decided to leave everything to hire myself as a professional firefighter in Bordeaux”.


FI: “Can we know why you made this decision? »

PC: “Being a firefighter has always been a passion. So I made the decision to leave everything to become a professional firefighter. I passed the competition successfully then that of officer in 2007. At the end of this success, I applied for Guadeloupe. I was appointed center manager successively in Petit-Bourg, Morne-à-l'Eau and since July 14, 2020 in Saint-Martin.


FI: “How do you define your job ?

PC: “It's a job of passion! I've always wanted to do this job. Being at the service of the population, providing relief, meeting the expectations of the authorities and accompanying them during a disaster is very rewarding. With us, routine does not exist! We must always be in very good physical condition to ensure our missions and interventions which are rich and varied. Being a firefighter is above all exciting and demanding teamwork, requiring a great deal of self-sacrifice”.


FI: "How did your integration into Saint-Martin”?

PC: “In the best way! The human relationship with the staff of the center is very strong (the Saint-Martin center has 31 professional firefighters and around forty volunteer firefighters, editor's note). I take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their ability to adapt to any type of intervention. My men know the area well. They are very competent and know how to question themselves when necessary. They impress me a lot! Congratulations to them and also to the volunteer firefighters who devote a lot of their time to serving the population of Saint-Martin.

One thing is certain, I'm going to be sad when I leave Saint-Martin next year for my new assignment that I don't know yet”. _AF


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