Portrait / Rosette Samer: "Get Saint Martin back on its feet as soon as possible!" "


Mother of five, Rosette Samer is on the job every day of the week to participate in cleaning and clearing operations in the various districts of Saint-Martin. Spotlight on this courageous woman, eager to participate in the renewal of her island!

"Of course, the days are long, but we must all show solidarity and courage," said Rosette Samer.

"Irma, it's already in the past!" It is time for the reconstruction of Saint-Martin. To do this, it is essential to stick together and move forward! ”

Present on the ground every day from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m., Rosette is not one to give up, far from it. She too takes part in restoring a beautiful image of the “Friendly Island”. Rosette hat!

Interview by AF

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