Why there is a difference in the number of new cases


The latest ARS health bulletin published Wednesday afternoon reports 367 cumulative cases in the French part and specifies “50 new cases” since the previous bulletin dated September 14.

However, a week earlier this indicated 337 cumulative cases, a difference of 37.

Why does the ARS then mention "50 new cases"? The question was put to the director of the ARS traveling to Saint-Martin, during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

“Until now, the laboratories reported positive results directly to the ARS. Now we operate according to the national system which counts positive cases according to their place of residence, ”explained Valérie Denux. That is to say that a Saint-Martinois who tests positive in mainland France will be counted positive in Saint-Martin and not in the city where he took the test. According to this new count, 50 Saint-Martinois tested positive last week. However, the ARS only indicates in its table the occurrence of 37 new ones locally.

As of September 20, there are 85 active cases in the French part. (soualigapost.com)


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