Why does National Education use contract workers?


Today Tuesday, the day of the start of the 2020 school year, all vacant positions are filled in Saint-Martin, assured Vice-Rector Michel Sanz on Friday at a press conference.

By vacant positions, he means those which were vacant in July before the launch of applications. All the teachers have been recruited to be able to start working on Tuesday. However, positions may be vacant tomorrow if teachers present sick leave or other reason for absence the same day. The education services will then call on other contract workers.

In Saint-Martin, the share of contractual teachers is 20%. A proportion that is often poorly perceived or misunderstood by the local population: why does Education call on contract workers when in metropolitan Saint-Martin residents wish to return to practice their profession in their native island and are not recruited full time and definitely?

"The position must be free," explained Michel Sanz. The position must be available, that is, it must no longer be filled by a tenured teacher.

If a tenured teacher is absent for medical reasons, even for several months, he remains the holder of the post, it continues to belong to him. Only a so-called contractual person can then be hired to replace him during his absence.

However, in Saint-Martin the positions for which contract workers are recruited are not available, which is why the National Education cannot hire permanent Saint-Martinois to fill these absences, she explained.

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