PPRN, tap water polluted with bromates, the Collective Soualiga United wants to be heard and blocks the road network!


At the call of the Soualiga United Collective, more than a hundred people gathered last Thursday at XNUMX a.m. on the Marigot Sea Front to protest against the Natural Risk Prevention Plan (PPRN) and the situation of tap water polluted with bromates! Two very important subjects for the members of the Collective who are determined to be heard!

The voices of the members of the Soualiga United Collective (Lenny Mussington, Louis Mussington, Alain Richardson and others ...) therefore called for citizen mobilization last Thursday to demand "the involvement of the people of Saint Martin" in the development of the Plan of Natural Risks Prevention (PPRN) and on the sanitary situation of water polluted with bromates.

The Collective wishes that common ground could be found between the State and the Collectivity on the burning dossier of the PPRN, thus guaranteeing the future of the Saint-Martinois on the coasts.

A drop in the price of tap water contaminated with bromates and better management of this health crisis were also on the agenda.

After going to the city center of Marigot and in front of the Hôtel de la Collectivité, the procession gathered in front of the Prefecture, hoping to be received by the Prefect, Sylvie Feucher.

Later in the morning, the Soualiga United Collective headed for the Agrément roundabout, causing heavy traffic jams. Again, motorists had to take their troubles patiently!

  The details of the Prefecture

An event not declared to the prefecture services took place last Thursday, October 31.

The demonstrators wished to express their demands regarding the PPRN and the bromate pollution of the water in the public network.

Concerning the PPRN, the leader of the demonstration was received by the Chairperson of the commission of inquiry, and the participants who wished to do so were received by the members of this commission. Registers were also made available to all.

The Prefect was unable to receive a delegation, as she was not authorized to interfere in the context of an ongoing commission of inquiry. Regarding water and its current cost, it is up to the community and the EEASM to answer this question, the prefecture having responsibility for the health component, which it has actively followed since the beginning of the crisis. _AF

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