PPRN: The Minister asked to relaunch the revision work taking into account the realities of the territory


It did not appear on the official program of his trip to Saint-Martin, yet it was one of the main objects: the delivery to elected officials by hand by the Minister of Overseas of the famous report of the Lacroix mission on the revision of the PPRN.

The report drawn up following the mission's arrival in Saint-Martin was returned to Annick Girardin and the Minister for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition in mid-March. The relevant departments of the two ministries became aware of it, then Annick Girardin wished to hand it over to elected officials and to representatives of district councils. "This is why I came as soon as the compelling reasons were lifted, that is to say today [Monday June 22]," she said Monday at the start of the evening at a conference release in Quartier d'Orléans.

The minister listed the seven recommendations made by the mission which are those that the prefect Dominique Lacroix had listed during a press conference just before leaving for Paris last January. "These recommendations are perfectly adapted to the realities of the territory and meet the expectations of associations" and the population, says Annick Girardin.

The main recommendation is the possibility of reconstructing in a dark red zone, which the regulations drawn up by the prefecture prohibit. A condition will however be imposed: that of justifying, when applying for planning permission, a significant reduction in vulnerability, established and certified by an architect.

"This is what we have always asked for," said President Daniel Gibbs.

However, any new construction in the red zone will remain prohibited.

The mission's recommendations "aim to adapt the prescriptions of the PPRN revision project" as designed by the Deal locally.

“Adapt” is a verb that the minister used several times during her speech at a press conference, suggesting that the local teams may not have done enough. A few minutes earlier, she recognized that we should have listened to the population more. “When I came to Saint-Martin the day after Irma, I remember those old houses still standing while some buildings were on the ground. This has forged a conviction: you, inhabitants of Saint-Martin, hold a large part of the solution and we need more that we can listen to you and hear you, ”she confided. And to insist: “you know my method: dialogue and transparency. It is under these conditions that confidence can be regained. "

"It is therefore proposed to adapt the rules [of the PPRN] to the realities of the territory," announced the Minister of Overseas. “Clearly: to do what I always do, take into account the specificities of the territory, the identity of this territory. "She" therefore asks the State services to relaunch the revision work in close collaboration with the community. "

The Minister hopes that this work will culminate in a revised project in September for application by the end of the year.

Pending this, the revised PPRN applied in advance remains in effect.

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