PPRN: Bedrooms must be upstairs


The State services in charge of drafting the regulations for the revision of the natural risk prevention plan (PPRN), would impose a condition, reducing the vulnerability of the said property.

The main prescription would be to move the bedrooms so that they are not flooded during a marine submersion. This means that sleeping places should be located above the reference level or the height of water measured after Irma. This height is less than 1 meter in the blue areas and more than 1 meter in the dark red areas.

This is not yet in effect, it is only a suggestion. The measure will be made compulsory when the revision of the PPRN is adopted and applied by prefectural decree at the end of the year. However, if the prefecture decides to apply the PPRN in advance, the measure will immediately be made compulsory for new construction. 

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