PPRN / Delivery of the file to the investigators


Wednesday afternoon, during a meeting which took place at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, President Daniel Gibbs handed over to the public investigators, the dossier drawn up by the Collectivity on the PPRN (Natural Hazard Prevention Plan) of Saint-Martin. The official delivery of the document will be made in prefecture before the end of this month of October.

The dossier constituted by the Collectivity and given to the investigators includes the reports of the Steering Committees (COPIL) and the Technical Committees (COTECH) on the progress and development of each session, carried out with contributions made by different institutions and associations. Thus, the CAUE (Council of Architecture, Town Planning and the Environment) participated in this report by giving its opinion, as did an architecture firm based in Saint-Martin which also made its contribution. The association of hoteliers of Saint-Martin (AHSM) made proposals, and a draft security note was produced by the co-owners of Club Orient. While the association EcoVie proposed proactive solutions, on the management of tidal waves and renewable energy. Finally, working group n ° 1 took part, in particular, on regional planning and economic development and the town planning code of Saint-Martin.

In addition, President Daniel Gibbs recalled the positioning of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, which has been requesting, since June 2019, a period of consultation and additional explanation for the benefit of Saint-Martin residents, as well as takes into account the socio-economic challenges of the territory in the future PPRN._RM


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