Prefecture of the Northern Islands: A tribute paid to the Prefect, Claude Erignac, 20 years after his death


A ceremony took place last Monday in the Prefecture, in memory of the Prefect, Claude Erignac, assassinated on February 6, 1998 in Ajaccio.

This moment of meditation punctuated by the observation of a minute of silence and the national anthem marks the 20 years of the assassination of the Prefect Erignac in Corsica. Mrs. the Prefect, Anne LAUBIES delivered a speech recalling the capacity of the Republic to put up fierce resistance to all forms of oppression and to recover even after a serious injury. She praised the public service rendered with perseverance and courage by the State services within the framework of a common objective, where resilience and reconstruction are based on solidarity. At the national level, the President of the Republic was in Corsica where he inaugurated a place in Ajaccio and paid tribute to the Prefect ERIGNAC by recalling that he was "this man of righteousness, openness, rigor and merit, of duty and action, (…) of these prefects who honor the Republic and whose Republic is honored much more. ”

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