Prefecture: A partnership agreement signed with VISOV…


Last Friday, the Prefecture signed a partnership agreement with VISOV, the International Volunteers in Virtual Operational Support.

Through this agreement, the association will offer the Prefecture technical and methodological support via targeted monitoring and verification of information appearing on the networks (fact checking) in the event of a major civil security event.

A pioneer in the use of social media in emergency situations, VISOV has nearly 150 volunteer citizens who can be mobilized: radio amateurs, doctors, firefighters, communicators, meteorologists, crisis managers, members of approved civil security associations, committed citizens.

During IRMA's visit in September 2017, VISOV set up teams of volunteers serving Saint Martin. In association with the Interministerial Center for Crisis, and the Prefectures of the Antilles-Caribbean area, the association has contributed to the census of missing persons by developing a monitoring table, updated thanks to social media monitoring, and carried out an image search for places to understand the situation. The volunteers also established a map of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin from geolocated photographs and testimonies of victims.

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