PREVENTION: Sint Maarten firefighters issue fire alert due to dry weather conditions


The Fire Service is urging people not to throw away lit cigarettes or matches that could cause bushfires in fire-prone areas, due to the current dry weather conditions and for the coming weeks.

Persons wishing to burn brush or waste in a built-up area, or on a hillside for agricultural activities, are asked to refrain and contact the fire department for advice.

Persons wishing to obtain information can contact the fire department on +1 721  542-1215, 542-1217, 542-6001 or, in case of emergency, 919.

Inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property and the environment in the current dry weather conditions the country is experiencing.

Fires can become uncontrollable by spreading rapidly in strong winds, quickly threatening lives and property.

Everyone can help reduce the risk of bushfires by acting responsibly and following the above advice from the National Fire Service.  _AF

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