Conditional prison sentence for two "little hands" of human trafficking "worthy of a film script"


"Worthy of a film scenario", this is how master Marion Tillard described the case in which his two clients were involved and for which they appeared on Wednesday morning before the local court of Saint-Martin.

“It's the DEA that informs the Sint Maarten police that there is smuggling of migrants between St Maarten and the US Virgin Islands. The St Maarten prosecutor's office then informed that of the French side to request the cooperation of the border police. The case is called Eagle, ”begins to tell the lawyer.

“On the one hand, we have misery and hope, on the other there are mafia men. And in the middle, the two who are warned, ”she added. His clients are HS, a Dominican national who arrived on the island in 2007 and holder of a Dutch resident card, and SV, a Haitian national who arrived in Saint-Martin in 2008 at the age of 18 to find his mother. He is in an irregular situation and lives with his girlfriend on the French side.

The two have known each other for about three years and are used to doing jobs together from time to time. And on November 15 last year, "they did a little extra job." HS contacts SV to go with him to help people get on a boat.

The border police officers observe, hidden, the scene which takes place on the beach of the Anse des Pères, before going out and arresting HS and SV. They are placed in police custody and prosecuted for assistance with the illegal entry, movement or stay of a foreigner in France.

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