LOCAL PRODUCT: 100% Saint-Martin cigars in limited edition


978 Sanctorum gives pride of place to women by offering a range of flavored cigars… also available for men!

After a year of research to find the best recipe, 978 Sanctorum recently inaugurated its cigar humidor. The choice of tobacco imported from Nicaragua is explained by its particular taste, sometimes spicy, sometimes creamy, sometimes nutty. As for the aromas, they were, thanks to Angèle, imagined in direct connection with the spirit of Saint-Martin. Their vast original selection is characterized by aromas typical of the flavors of the island: Ginger, Guavaberry, Passion (passion fruit), Orange Peel (orange peel) or even Quenette (Kenip, fruity tree from Colombia). All cigars are produced and rolled on the territory as well as the preparation of tobacco. For novices, cigarillos are at their disposal before taking the plunge for the "chair bar" in 4 sizes -Parejo, Box pressed, Torpedo, Perfecto- and 3 sizes -Super Gordo, Gordo, Robusto-. And for those who would like to savor a classic cigar, 978 Sanctorum has not forgotten them. To be consumed in moderation… and with delight. _VX

978 Sanctuary, 6 rue des Hodge in Rambaud - Tel. : 06 90 82 80 00 - Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 18 p.m. to midnight

Be careful, excessive tobacco consumption can be harmful to your health

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