Project Pi: After the public inquiry, place for the permit


As part of the optimized processing and energy recovery of final waste, after sorting and recycling, the company Verde-SXM, a leading local operator in waste management on the island of Saint-Martin, had launched a public inquiry during 31 days. The public gave a positive opinion. Now for the rest of the project.

Last June, by means of a press release, the VERDE-SXM company informed the population and the press that the current storage solutions had reached saturation point. 

This “PI” project for Pollution free-Integrated waste management, was presented to the population via a public inquiry from June 28 to July 28. It appears that 20 people have given an opinion on this project. “Besides one person who found the project to be of no added value and too expensive, the survey received very positive feedback. People find the Pi project innovative, interesting and beneficial for the island.”

Place for permits

In the rest of the process, Verde is now waiting for the validation of the DDAE, the environmental authorization which should arrive during the course of the  late September, early October. “It is in the hands of the prefecture with all the studies requested. The prefecture must give us the conditions again. The building permit is also expected for the end of August, beginning of September 2022. “Without these two documents, there will not be the first shovels. We hope to be able to start the work for December 2022 or even January 2023”, adds the director.

What is the Pi project? 

The objective of this project will be to: “recover household waste and business waste that cannot be recycled, grind it and transform it into dry and clean material, called solid recovered fuel. These fuels will then be heated at low temperature to produce green and renewable electricity,” says the company. Eventually, this new treatment unit will produce 8% of Saint-Martin's electricity consumption and divide by 10 the landfilling of waste on the island. _pc

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