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Better understanding what Saint-Martin went through in September 2017 and analyzing the reconstruction strategies implemented in the aftermath of a natural disaster, this is the mission that the Relev project has given itself one year after Irma, 2018.  To achieve this objective, a survey was launched among the inhabitants of Saint-Martin who experienced the hurricane. The goal is to take stock of the situation since 2017. To date, around 100 people have answered this questionnaire, which takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. For the validity of the scientific work the researchers hope to collect more answers. The results of the study will be shared with the inhabitants of the island once the project is completed. 

Relev, bounce on the lessons of Irma

A year after Hurricane Irma struck in early September 2018, nearly 20 researchers began analyzes of the impacts of this natural phenomenon. The first field mission took place in Saint-Martin. In April 2019, a team of psychologists and sociologists interviewed around forty residents and leaders of associations in Saint-Martin in order to transcribe the stories, perceptions and representations of each into a booklet. The inhabitants responded to several situations related to before and after Irma, including reconstruction and its learning. Bibliographical research or online questionnaires have also made it possible to make a specific point on the economy with business leaders, but also the tourism sector. 

According to the geographer at the University of the West Indies, Anne Péné-Annette, who is taking part in the project, it is a little early to decipher the advances in research. But one of the constants remains “the gap between State services and local players. It translates into tensions for reconstruction,” explains the researcher. As for the territory, “there is a lack of hindsight and a reconstruction that does not seem to take technical recommendations, among others”. Although the researchers' study is not finished, Relev aims to develop a methodology to improve the management of the reconstruction of territories following a natural disaster in the short and long term. The scientists on this mission start from the hypothesis that “the reconstruction of a disaster area represents a window of temporal opportunity in order to sustainably redevelop the disaster area and make it more resilient to future events”. _pc 

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The survey is anonymous, and possible in three languages: French, English, Spanish. 

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