Orleans district: massive mobilization against the PLU


Last Wednesday, in Quartier d'Orléans, petitions against the Local Urban Plan (PLU) gathered at high speed at the neighborhood house, located on Coralita road. The population strongly denounced this project.

The press conference on the petition "Stop PLU - Stop public inquiry - stop abusive and arbitrary redemption of said 50 geometric steps", initially planned, quickly turned into a public meeting. At the initiative of the six neighborhood councils, this petition addressed to elected officials gathered an impressive crowd in record time. "171 petitions were signed on site from 17 p.m. to 30 p.m.", said yesterday the spokesperson for neighborhood council No. 21 Sofia Carti, specifying that this petition is available in all neighborhood councils. In front of the local press, several members of neighborhood councils and associations - Patricia Chance-Duzant of neighborhood council n ° 1, Jules Charville of "True hope for Saint-Martin", Gilles Kelaïdits of "We Love Saint-Martin" , Horace White of "Soualiga Grass Roots", Steven Patrick of Neighborhood Council No.2, historian Daniela Jeffry, Cyrill Tousa Jahbash and Victor Paines of "United front in defense of the interest of Saint Martiners" - explained that the The population was not well informed, not heard enough, despite the series of presentations of the PLU project, which according to them includes many inconsistencies, without any real strategy. “While tourism is the first economic activity that should support our population, your PLU bases its decisions on a hypothetical agriculture which, according to you alone, is the pillar of our economy. Areas U1 and U4, covering the island's largest luxury tourist rental market, are directly threatened by the planned urbanization of these areas, ”the petition reads. For Gilles Kelaïdits, president of "We Love Saint-Martin" and of the collective "No to the PLU project" on Facebook, the public inquiry notice published in the newspapers was not complete: "We realized that 'information was missing. It was not marked that there was an investigation log in the notice. So when the investigation started, people weren't aware of it. “Canceling the deliberation of June 5, 25 relating to the PLU remains the best option, according to the initiators of this petition.

The thorny file of 50 geometric steps

Jules Charville, president of “True Hope For Saint-Martin”, wanted to react to “the deliberation of April 15, 2015 which set the prices per m2 for plots located in the area known as the 50 geometric steps”. According to him, there has never been a real debate on prices: “We have a problem with this deliberation (…) the commission of 50 geometric steps, which met in March 2015, did not set a price (…) is the executive council. We denounce these abusive prices and hope that this deliberation be canceled, following the normal course. ” Mr. Charville is also asking for the creation of a departmental commission to verify property titles in this area.


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