Rambaud Saint-Louis Fête Association: Many activities planned soon!


The members of the "Rambaud Saint-Louis Fête Association" organized a press conference yesterday morning at Friar's Bay Beach Café to present the various events to come in the coming months.

In the presence of the president, Etienne Andrew, of the vice-president, Josette January, of the treasurer, Jacqueline Violenes and of Nina Flanders, assistant treasurer, a presentation was made to the many festivities planned by Rambaud Saint-Louis Fête Association .

The first event called "Youth Day" will take place at Friar's Bay Beach Café on July 30.

Other festivities will follow, namely:

• Jean & White Dance, August 13

• Lunch with seniors, October 8

Gala Affair, October 29

• Youth Night, December 10

• Lunch & Gift Giving for the Senior, Saturday January 14, 2017

• Shing Ding for the Handicap, February 12, 2017

We will return in more detail to the actions carried out by Rambaud Saint-Louis Fête Association in our next edition. _AF


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