AWARD: Princess Juliana Airport wins prestigious NYX Awards in construction and tourism


In December 2023, Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) reached a milestone by winning two NYX awards, one for construction and the other for tourism. The NYX Awards program recognizes outstanding achievements in the creative and marketing industries.

This recognition was achieved through the “Restoring of a Princess” video series, which showcases the reconstruction of Juliana Airport after Hurricane Irma. The awards include two physical accolades for 2023, which demonstrate the airport's achievements. The informative series can be viewed on the airport's YouTube channel, as well as Facebook and Instagram pages.

On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma severely damaged Juliana Airport. The “Restoring a Princess” series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the reconstruction, detailing the professionals’ dedication to restoring the airport from roof to basement. The videos were produced by Gary “Gee Money” Euton and Darin “King Vers” Hodge at the request of PJIAE, which wanted to share the stages of the reconstruction with its traveling clients through these series.

The reconstruction project is funded by the St. Maarten Reconstruction Trust Fund, the project is overseen by the World Bank and partially funded by the European Investment Bank.

The end of the work is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, with the departure hall already operational since November 15, 2023. In 2022, the airport welcomed more than 50 aircraft movements and nearly 000 million passengers .

The NYX Awards are a prestigious international competition that recognizes and celebrates excellence in the creative and marketing industries.  Since its inception in 2018, the NYX Awards have attracted thousands of entries from over 60 countries, making it a renowned competition  world. _AF

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