School reconstruction: Focus on the Aline Hanson school


Located on the tongue of land between sea and lagoon, the Sandy Ground district was strongly impacted by the passage of the hurricane on September 6, 2017. The Sandy-Ground site welcoming schools Jérôme Beaupère, Aline Hanson, but also the Cultural center and the neighborhood house were crossed by the waves that came to join the lagoon.

The Aline Hanson primary school which borders the Simson Bay lagoon, in which 288 students were enrolled for the 2017 school year, was able to return to school on November 6, in degraded conditions. Indeed, in addition to a part of the devastated premises, however in a smaller proportion compared to other educational establishments, the Aline Hanson school had to share its usable classes with the children of the Jérôme Beaupère nursery school. Thus, the entire school year was spent under the rotating timetable between the pupils of the two schools, mornings and afternoons. Difficult conditions, through the fatigue they cause, both for children and their families, as well as for the educational community. And conditions still weighed down by the work that had to be undertaken during school times.

End of work in May 2018

Roof repair works as well as those ensuring the protective measures were carried out during the last quarter of 2017 and were completed during the Christmas holidays.

From the 1st week of March, the Collectivity began repairing the doors and windows, which ended at the end of the same month. The fence bordering the lagoon was changed in May.

For the repair of the 16 classes of the Aline Hanson school, the Collectivity has committed 52 euros out of the 000 million euros budgeted for repairing the schools. 9.5 students are expected to be welcomed there for the next school year, which is around 266 fewer than those registered for the 2017 school year.

To remember

Amount of work undertaken: 52 euros (out of the 000 million committed for the work of 9.5 schools).

Beginning of the roadworks : last quarter of 2017

End of the works : May 2018

Main works: roofing, aluminum joinery doors and windows, fences, painting of ceilings and walls.

New sectorization for back to school 2018

From the start of the 2018 school year, and given the new configuration of primary schools, a new sector was recently adopted by the Executive Council. This decision is due to the need

to ensure security, to guarantee the working conditions of the members of the school community, while ensuring a good adequacy of the reception capacities of the school premises and being vigilant on the fact that the adaptation of the school sectors does not weaken not the schools concerned, nor disrupts family arrangements.

The Aline HANSON school, located in Sandy Ground, will welcome students residing on the Sandy Ground Route (Anse des Sables, Rue Round Hill, Nettle Bay, Terres-Basses), and the Sandy Ground district.

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