Reconstruction: Details of the State's commitment 


The State has undertaken to finance a third of the post Irma investments that the COM presented on Monday to the interministerial committee in Paris. The COM will invest 33,5 million euros in the reconstruction of a 900-seat college and four schools and will be assisted up to 15 million euros by the State.

It will also release 12,9 million euros for sports equipment and the construction of a new multi-sports hall which will serve as a high pressure shelter. The State will release him a total subsidy of 900 euros.

The COM wants to invest 29 million euros to protect people against natural risks by building cyclone shelters in particular and by purchasing warning equipment. "The State will mobilize strongly on this item by granting aid of 17,8 million euros, allowing funding of more than 60% of the needs expressed by the Collectivity," said the French overseas department.

The reconstruction and burial of the electricity network will be covered 100% by State funds to the tune of 14,7 million. With regard to the water networks, “the sanitation and drinking water distribution operations, for a total amount of 33,5 million, will already be closely supported by the State 5,6 million ”. But that a “financial round remains to be finalized with all the operators of the State”.

The works of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center which amount to 12,1 million will be covered up to 6,4 million by Health Insurance and the rest by insurance. These will also take charge of the works of the social housing stock estimated at 12,8 million euros. "The State will support them to the tune of 6 million." Finally, the work needs of the social landlords are around 12,8 million, excluding insurance coverage, the State will support them up to 6 million.


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  1. jacks March 14, 2018 at 08:31 pm Reply

    Expect everything from the Welfare State and during this time on the Dutch side the reconstruction is progressing with great strides… find the error !!!! article 74 get by saint martin roll up your sleeves instead of begging the state for what it does not owe you

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