Reflection on the creation of the brand of territory of Saint-Martin


The president of the community recently convened the tourism council. 

This political body created in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma makes it possible to discuss the tourist development of the territory and the strategies implemented for the promotion of the destination.

The ambition of this 3rd Council was to reflect in a collegial way on the creation of the brand of territory of Saint-Martin with the technical support of Atout France, tourism development agency of France.

The primary objective of creating a territorial brand, provided for in the 2017-2027 territorial planning and tourism development plan for reconstruction, is to "set us apart from the competition by building on the heritage assets of the territory and our values. The second objective is to create social ties to revive a sense of belonging to a community by bringing citizens together around a shared identity, ”explains Daniel Gibbs.

“The creation of the territory brand is a long working process that requires collective investment in the service of a tool that must be representative of the identity of the territory and understood by all. The brand will be followed by the development of a communication-marketing strategy for the destination and a strategy for promoting the territory, which are intended to bring it to life locally and shine internationally ”, specifies the COM.

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