Regulations: Reinforced controls in seaside establishments in Grand-Case


During a press briefing this Tuesday, February 28, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, expressed his concern about the situation of the Grand-Case seaside.

In mistletoeIntroductory remarks, the politician said: "I wanted to talk about the situation on the Grand-Case seaside since we had to urgently ban a public demonstration with the installation of a DJ on the water. opposite a recent restaurant which has built a terrace illegally above the maritime public domain. Demonstration that we therefore had banned since it had not been the subject of any authorization of an exceptional nature (…) and which presented risks”. In addition to recalling that the seaside is a public space that can hardly be privatized, except in the case of a temporary occupation permit (AOT) which does not however give the right to build permanently, Vincent Berton highlighted the fundamentals of town planning: "We have worrying situations in Grand-Case with restaurateurs who have taken liberties to build on the public maritime domain, whether on the ground floor or above , this will be controlled and verbalized. Although I am not generalizing, the majority of owners of beach establishments are serious people who respect the law. Nevertheless, that is not the general case, we have in Grand-Case, on the seaside, situations of manifest illegality to which I will not close my eyes, on which I will initiate proceedings", some of which are already underway. The prefect therefore invites all beachside restaurateurs to be reasonable and responsible so that everyone can work in the best possible conditions. Citizenship goes hand in hand with security: "I therefore call for citizen behavior, if the police and the State are there to protect restaurateurs and ensure that the economic activity of tourism takes place in better and be prosperous, I am also here to protect Saint-Martin residents”. In all firmness, Vincent Berton added: "The character of the sea as a common good and access to the coast are two important things to which Saint-Martin residents are attached, but it is also respect for the law, quite simply, that whether national law or the local town planning code of Saint-Martin”. In this line, the services of the State intend to show great determination by initiating controls in all seaside establishments in Grand-Case. Other sectors where the question of respecting the coast, the protection of the maritime public domain and the right of passage on the seaside arise are concerned. _VX

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