REGULATIONS / Occupation of the public domain: measures taken against irregular sales on the territory


The Department of Regional Planning and Urbanism, Delegation for the Living Environment, informs the public that the sale without authorization will henceforth be sanctioned according to the terms of the President's Order, n° DATU-AV/05-2023 of May 2, 2023, prohibiting irregular sales on the territory of the Collectivity.

The occupation of the public domain for the exercise of an economic activity is subject to the issuance of a title (authorization). The Community is part of a process of regularization and invites sellers without prior authorization, to take the necessary steps to regularize their situation.

The territorial decree provides:

• A prison sentence and a fine of up to €3

• Confiscation or destruction of the material or products at the origin of the offense

Persons wishing to comply should contact the Direction de l'Aménagement du Territoire, department of road permits, located:

• Cité administrative, Rue Jean-Jacques FAYEL in Concordia: 0590 52-2730 (standard) / 0590 29-5613 (direct) / 0590 29-5614 (direct)

Counting on everyone's involvement during this awareness-raising phase, which will then give way to a phase of monitoring permissions to occupy the public domain.

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