The associations Tournesol and Union of Parents of pupils of Saint Martin, would like to thank Doctor Olivier REVOL for his participation, his professionalism and his quality of listening towards our territory, during the Conference "Small arrangement with the apprentices-sages ”of April 16 at CCISM Concordia. It was an honor and a great joy for us.
We would also like to thank the whole of the population who came in droves, more than 200 people, to this event and whose all of the actors were able to benefit from information, support, allowing them to apprehend , to better understand, the difficulties encountered by children / people with these disorders and how it is possible today to act differently. This event could not have taken place without the complicity, solidarity and investment of Ms. Maguy GUMBS Director of the CCISM, of Ladies Farah VIOTTY, Monique TURBE, Clarisse LEMONNYER, Bernice BROOKS and Mr. Didier WITCZAK, members and volunteers of the two associations, of the press which supports us and am ready for our actions and of the company IOTV which will allow us to remember this great moment of sharing.


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